Flintridge Darrin /Mark II DKW

These unique cars were built in LaCanda/Flintridge, California in 1957 and from what I’ve been able to learn, 25 or fewer were made.  The car is build on a DKW (Auto Union) chassis with a 3 cylinder, 2 cycle engine and was front wheel drive. – Auto Union also built the Audi, so if you notice the trademark circles, that is why.  The Flintridge car was designed by Howard “Dutch” Darrin, who had designed a number of car for Kaiser, including the Kaiser Darrin sports car, and used a fiberglass body with a removable hardtop.  These are the first photos I’ve been able to find of the car, and wish to thank several members of the DKW and Microcar groups that I’ve spoken with.  I also pulled some of the information from athe April 1957 Motor Trend car magazine. – This car/magazine article also is referenced in the U.S. Patent for the Alken car. – I’ll post photos and information on the Alken soon.


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New Photos of car/body

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