Alken Roadster

The Alken Roadster car was designed by William F. Pierson of Canoga Parl, California for the Alken Corporation of Venice, California.  There is a U.S. Patent for this car, 184,889, which was applied for on September 12, 1958 and patented on April 14, 1959.

Based on the limited information I could find, the car body was fiberglass and was designed to fit the VW/Volkswagon chassis.   I’ve been unable to determine how many of these were made, but the car has a “scoop” that runs the length of the car, similar to the design of my 1951 Kaiser Mystery.

In the Patent, there are references to several car designs and/or magazine articles.  These include Patent D. 176-277 Nallinger, Dec. 6, 1955, Motor Trend, April 1957, p 40. Darrin Mark II DKW and Motor Trend, May 1957, p 49, Frua Convertible.

I hope to aquire a photo of an actual Alken.  Until then, check out the Fiberglass Sports Cars website for a photo of one.  Geoff Hacker and his friends have done a great job in locating information on one of a kind, rare, unique, and interesting sports and fiberglass cars from the 1950s.  Without the  efforts of these men and the people who own and care for these cars, most of us would never know about, or ever see what one looks like.

Patent 184889

Patent 184889

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