On Saturday, December, 20, we heading off towards Michigan around 6 am to get the car.  The up trip went very well and we arrived mid afternoon.  After a brief discussion with the current owner, we set about loading up the car and securing it.  The car is light enough that the three of us were able to push the chassis onto the trailer and then pick the body up and put it on the chassis.  Once everything was tied down we set out to drop it off for winter storage and return home.

The return trip was going well until we hit the east/south-eastern edge of Lake Michigan where we ran into light snow, which turned to rain and then back to snow as we came around the southern edge.  None of this was a surprise to us as we had received a phone call earlier indicating that we would be driving into snow and possibly white-out conditions.  Once we were on I-80, heading west we were good with a light fluffy snow until we get west of I-55.  There, the snow stopped and we met a good wind and blowing ground snow.  Still, the roads were good and we continued on at a slower pace (50-55).  We arrived at our storage location around 11:30 pm and after several attempts to back the trailer in, we decided to unload at the street and push the car into storage.  By this time the temps were down near zero with a strong wind, but again, three of us worked quickly and removed the tie-downs, carried the body back first then pushed the car off the trailer and back into storage where we put the body back on.

Leaving around midnight we headed the 90 miles back home.  With the wind and snow still blowing, mostly as a tail wind now, we kept a steady pace and arrived around 1:45 am.  Almost 20 hours and 900 miles later, I was spent, as was my driving partner who had a few more miles to roll back to his house.

The car will remain in storage until spring when I can move it to its new home until I start the build and restoration process.  But first, I must find out what this car really is.

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