Next Stop: Hot Spots

For our next stop, lets talk about a Hot Spot…

On January 15th I received a call telling me that the house where our Mystery car is stored had caught fire.

As reported to me, the gentleman who lived in one part of the home arrived home from work that morning to find smoke coming from a lower portion of the house.  He promptly called the fire department and then attempted to retrieve his cat from upstairs.  The smoke was too heavy for him to gain access so he waited.  The fire department arrived quickly and rescued the cat.  The local fire chief assessed the situation and called for area backup, as the building structure and sub zero temps were going to make fighting the fire difficult. 

With temps being -18 (less wind chill) most of the day, fighting the fire was very difficult for them and caused various equipment issues.

Ten or eleven departments responded to the request for help and all fought throughout the day.  They finally left around 5:30 that evening.

A church located across the street opened their hall for the firefighters to come in and get warm while various resturants and the local hospital brought food and drink.   The local Red Cross cleaned the hall afterwards.  A special thanks should be said for all of the men and women who worked hard all day long to try and put out the fire and to make sure that everyone was safe and cared for.

Sadly, the house was a total loss, as the fire department spent all morning and a part of the afternoon trying to put it out before they called the city in with an end loader or other heavy piece of equipment to push and pull the exterior walls down to allow them to finish putting out the fire.

Thankfully, the resident, his cat, and all those involved with fighting the fire left without injury.  The garage, a detached unit, about 15 feet away from the house was spared from any significant damage.

– Notice I mention “significant”…  While the garage didn’t burn, one has to ask this question…  “Where does 8 hours worth of water from fire hoses go during sub-zero temp?” – The answer “Anywhere it can” and that is exactly what it did.  The water filled the driveway, sidewalks, grass covered the residents van which was parked on the driveway, and  last but not least it went into the garage. 

 A check of the garage a little over a week later, the first chance I had to make the drive, presented itself as a new “ice skating rink” with an inch and a quarter of glass smooth, smoke tinted ice.  The mystery car and everything within was “frozen in time….”

Several photos taken by the local newspaper that day.

Several photos taken by the local newspaper that day.

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