This like is to a PDF file that contains scanned copies of the documents that came with the car.

Mystery Kaiser Documents – PDF

Below is a description of each page.

Pages 1 and 2
The text from the auction.  It is an interesting read as the car seems to have taken on some lore of its own…  After speaking with a couple of owners and some other resources, I believe that much of the lore came from one of the more recent owners.  I won’t be able to verify this until I track down and hopefully speak with other owners from 1999 until 2007/2008.


Page 2, bottom.
I received 3 books (2 shown) with the car.  The blue covered book has an exploded diagram of the various sections of the Henry J, engines, chassis, etc. and the part names and numbers.  The other two books (yellow and greenish one not shown) are part numbers and descriptions only.  They will be helpful when going through the engine, transmission, suspension, and working on the chassis.


Pages 3, 4, and 5
Pictures of the car body and chassis as I purchased them in December.  As you can see, there is a windshield sitting on foam in one of the photos.  The windshield has a PPG Glass sticker on it.  I called a nearby PPG center and asked them to cross reference this number to a car and they tell me the windshield was used on 1955-1957 Ford Thunderbirds.  The windshield does not fit into the channel in the body though, so modifications to the channel, or a different windshield will be needed.
The chassis has no gas tank or radiator..  The nephew of the original owner has identified the windshield as belonging to a Thunderbird that he uncle owned in the mid 50s.


Page 6.
Shows the tires.  They are still in pretty good shape considering their age.  While I wouldn’t want to drive down the road with them, I may hang on to them for display purposes, or offer to trade them to someone who is restoring a Henry J that will be on displayed only (like a museum or private collection).

 Pages 7, 8, 9

Pages seven through nine show some of the parts that were being included with the car as well as some photos of the engine and gauge cluster.  As you can see with the gauge cluster shows 35.4 miles on it.   Also, the carburetor on this engine is not the typical Henry J carb.  It is a unit made by Holley.

 At the bottom of Page 9 are two visitor passes.  Not sure who or how they are tied to the car as they are from 1946. 

 Page 10

The two parts on Page 10 appear to be windshield posts for a 1954 Kaiser Darrin.  It appears that these were included with the other parts from the original owners shop.


All of the pages below are scans of the actual documents that came with the car.  Several of these were scanned/photographed and included in the auction, but some were not and simply came in the envelope and folder of documentation.

 Pages 11 and 12

On pages 11 and 12 are the two passes again and several photos.  The one on page 11 is a piece of paper showing this car sitting outside.  It appears to be a zerox of a photo.  The two color photos show a Kaiser car with the optional McCullough supercharger and a Kaiser/Continental engine, indicating that the car in the photo is a full size Kaiser and not a Henry J, and it isn’t a Kaiser Darrin since the engine in the photo is a flat head and not overhead unit.

 Pages 13 thru 16

Pages 13 thru 16 are the original sales paperwork from when the car was purchased from Kaiser Motors.  The yard/site release paperwork on page 14 is the one that has caused the most debate.  As you can see, there is a handwritten note about Prototype Fiberglass body and parts.  I’ve been told by several people, including a former Kaiser employee that there should have been a signature next to the hand written comments if these items were to be included…  The assumption is that someone wrote this information later on. 

 Many people would like to know who F.E. Reynold and R.J. Jeeperson were as there is a typed comment on page 15 about a memo regarding the sale of the car.  The general question that has been asked it “Why would there be a special memo about a 3 year old Henry J being sold?

Page 17 

Page 17 is a drawing of the car in both a short and long wheel base version.  The car I have is the short wheel base. 

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